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Castle Of Cagliostro
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The first feature film by the distinguished Hayao Miyazaki (Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away). The Castle of Cagliostro also marks the latest instalment in the hugely popular Lupin III animated TV series, of which Miyazaki had written and directed a number of episodes.Here, our iconic super-thief Lupin pulls off a thrilling heist at a Monte Carlo casino, only to discover the spoils are counterfeit. Lupin traces the fake bills to the country of Cagliostro where an evil Count is generating forged money and distributing it worldwide. With partners in tow (including a retired gangster, a modern-day samurai, and a beautiful female thief) Lupin heads to Caligostro where he also finds a promise of hidden treasure and Clarice, a beautiful Princess in need of rescuing from the Court's dastardly clutches.Maintaining the lineage of the Lupin III franchise, Miyazaki also imbues the proceedings with his customary wit and sense of the romantic - Miyazaki's heroes are always ready to come to the aid of a damsel in distress. Moreover, the film is lovingly detailed with the storybook kingdom of Cagliostro being beautifully redolent of the director's equally inspired later works.Special Features:Character design line drawingsFull StoryboardsIntroduction by Jonathan Clements, author of The Anime EncyclopediaTrailer

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